My most precious D800 picture, forever

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Re: My most precious D800 picture, forever

You're so right. I spend my fair share of time thinking about the transience of life. We're not here to stay, none of us, and yet - how good we are at putting it out of our minds! But when we do think of it, we grab our cameras and capture a moment in the life of our loved ones who are soon transformed in appearance or from this life to the next.

I look forward to to day I'll see loved ones again. I firmly believe that, so to me the sorrow of losing a loved one is like the sorrow of seeing someone off at the airport, who I will not see for quite some time. It's not that I'll never see them again, the sorrow is knowing that they're separated from me and in a place I cannot go until my own time comes. Thanks for sharing your picture and a bit of your personal life. Your father looks like a very kind man.

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