DxOmark: pixel level vs image level DR

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Re: If you want better highlights...

Randplaty wrote:

Great Bustard wrote:

Randplaty wrote:

That makes sensento me. Is it possible for one sensor to have better highlights but worse overall DR score?

...then use a lower exposure and/or apply a different tone curve to the captured photo.

The DR is the number of stops from the noise floor to the saturation limit. The only way you can get more DR is to lower the read noise and/or raise the saturation limit.

In other words, there is a maximum DR that the sensor can capture, and if the DR of the scene exceeds the DR of the sensor, then the competent photographer needs to select which portion of the DR from the scene they wish to record.

Let me rephrase my question. Can sensor A have a higher saturation limit than sensor B but at the same time have more read noise than sensor B giving it a lower overall DR score?

Absolutely. But that won't give Sensor A "better highlights" unless, by "better highlights", you mean less noise in the highlights at base ISO.

Well I don't know what we mean by "better highlights" anymore. But you're saying that merely because a sensor has a higher saturation limit doesn't meant that it's less likely to blow out the highlights given the same aperture, ISO, shutter speed etc, correct?

you are not thinking about things the right way

there is no such thing as "better highlights", with a standard sensor (i.e. not some kind of fuji special design etc), as better highlights, you simply expose to not blow out the parts you want saved and the rest falls where it may, on a low DR sensor some stuff you wanted may fall into a nasty mess of noise while on a sensor with higher DR all the details you wanted all the way down may still look fine.

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