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Re: Mini Tripod

Despite what some of the naysayers might tell you, the GorillaPod is great for hiking and performs well.

I have the SLR-Zoom model with the optional head (highly recommend the head) and find it works as advertised and I get satisfactory results with my GH1 using a 14-140mm zoom. It's definitely not as good as a $400 tripod and it has it's limitations but it gets the job done without having to lug a bulky tripod around (I use mine a lot when I'm riding around on my bicycle). It also has the ability to attach to things and work in places where a tripod won't.

Here's a link to a photo that I took using the GorillaPod - it held the camera steady enough for this 10 second exposure. I think the image speaks adequately towards the usefulness of the product.

The UltraPod looks pretty good too.

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