5DM3 ordered 3-12 from Amazon arrives tomorrow but I have some concerns.

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John Mason
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the video comparison - check it out

on the news page there is a video comparison of the two cameras

While I'm not concerned with video the comments seem to mirror most even handed reviews I've seen for still photography

1600iso and up the Canon wins by a clear margin was their comment

below 1600 they are close with the D800 having the nod

This is not surprising since the Canon is positioned as more of an all around camera while the d800 is more of an iso 100 landscape shooters camera

The other thing I noted in the video review is that the colors on the D800 seem a bit washed out compared to the 5d3. There are threads about this by d800 purchasers on the Nikon site.

For that matter, spend some time on the Nikon site and see what people's impressions and concerns have been so far with the d800.

I'm sure either camera will work for most anything people can throw at either one. The AF on the 5d3 is the best I've used on any camera and I've had a number of 1d bodies. I have no idea how the AF is on the Nikon system.

From a system perspective I have a lot of Canon lenses with a few with no similar lens in the Nikon line up so the D800 was not even in the running in my case.

I'm sure you'll be pleased with either camera as from what I'm seeing they both set new benchmarks in their respective strengths. Just a question of which strengths are most important to you.
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