Sigma 50-150f2.8

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Re: Sigma 50-150f2.8

Thanks to the OP for posting source of Sigma 50-150 lens.
I just received that lens next day after placing the order.
Free shipping also.
It is my first Sigma lens and I am really impressed with that EX lens.

In short, lens is completely new packed nicely in semi-hard case with lens shade and little lens cleaning fabric.
90 days warranty.
There is sticker on the box:A33,A55 compatible.
Looks to me that probably only refurbishing for that lens
was adaptation to Sony SLT cameras.

I really like lens size and weight, it is well balanced on my A580.Lens size does not increase in length while zooming.

It gives me 11-150/2.8 APS-C lens coverage in 3 lenses.
I love compactness of that lens and reasonable $559 price.
Look like Sigma Outlet still has more at that price.

Little flyer attached to the lens says that:

"It is possible to use optional APO Tele Converter 1.4x EX DG or APO Tele Converter 2x EX DG with serial # above 50000001 with AF.
AF will not work with TC if serial # is lower than 50000001."

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