Pentax lens prices increase??

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Re: Re AT those prices, comparing to Canonikon, , probably seeing the end...

Guess what? $599 is presently still available. if you're lazy and won't look for yourself and expect others to hand it to you on a golden platter than too bad, won't tell you where to go to find it.

waynes wrote:

For example, 100 Wr was 600 USD in BH, which was the same or cheaper than most HK ebay sellers asked. No one would buy ebay.

Now it is $850 in BH. What will people do?

waynes wrote:
Or they can ask the same prices but sell more...

The difference is very big now. A few days ago, it was not.

solarider wrote:

HK grey market sellers will only raise their prices to U.S. buyers - sharks only come out of the shadows when the gettin's good.

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