I am starting to lose hope with Nikon

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Re: I am starting to lose hope with Nikon

lanef wrote:

The Canon 5D III is available everywhere, in Australia some stores have not even seen any D800 yet. I seriously don't know what Nikon is doing. It is not reassuring to read on this forum that those who have pre-ordered on the first day don't even know when they may get their item, this is not sending good signals in my direction.

I have already paid a deposit on my D800, if it does not become available to me up to the beginning of June, I am seriously thinking buying the Canon 5D III and the 24-105 for my July trip to China and Vancouver and on my way back I would sell my Nikon 16-35, 24-70 & 70-300 and move to Canon with broken heart, something I would never envisage even in my dreams.


So you sold your Nikon body before the D800 even came ?

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