What Lens do you most regret selling?

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Re: What Lens do you most regret selling?

I've sold lots of lenses (both from my first system, Olympus, and more recently from Nikon as well). Can't say I regret any of the sales... I will only sell a lens if I don't use it and / or if I get something which supersedes it. Most of my lens purchases are used, so I can view such sales as an extended rental for very little money if needed. Probably the closest to regret I have is selling the Tokina 12-24 in favour of a Sigma 10-20... both lenses are good quality, but I picked the Sigma since it went wider and was a bit smaller / lighter. A good trade overall, although I did prefer the Tokina's 7 aperture blades to the Sigma's 6.

In my view, if you don't use a lens, then sell it to someone who will use it.
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