E-M5 blurred shots - bad technique? Advice please!

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That's the same for me

This has been my experience to date as well. I've often forgot to turn off IBIS while on a tripod and seen no ill effects. However, this is a new camera, new IBIS and more importantly, I'm using the camera while held up to my eye for the first time, which I think may have contributed to the problem. I did notice last night that when I was extra careful to squeeze the shutter without moving the camera, I got sharp shots with IBIS on and off.

Hopefully I will go back outside this afternoon to try again.

Pikme wrote:

I've been using Olympus IBIS for several years now with several different cameras. I do not believe there is any 'defect' with it. I generally leave it on unless I am using a tripod or panning (and I have accidentally left on it even with tripod and seen no ill effect, although shutter speeds were high enough that IS probably never did anything anyway).

I think IBIS has just become the one basket to dump all faulty technique problems into. I do think most people have to make adjustments in shooting techniques to account for small and light weight cameras and lenses, but until those adjustments are made - well, IBIS gets blamed for lots of things.

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