Photo of OM-D with 20 1.7 mounted please!

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Re: Photo of OM-D with 20 1.7 mounted please!

Yohan Pamudji wrote:

Don't sweat it. First he accuses you of not buying a 20mm because of looks when it's obvious you fully intend to use the 20mm on an E-M5 and just want to know which finish of E-M5 would look best with it. Now he's backtracking and saying something else, trying to claim "I don't get it" which obviously for some people just means "I refuse to get it despite multiple explanations". That's a clear sign to disengage and ignore if you ask me

You're right, he shouldn't sweat it. I didn't accuse him of not buying a 20mm. But his statement " But I'm pretty sure I'll shoot with the 20 most often, and I agree that it simply looks "less ugly" on the black body. It is a real shame there isn't an Olympus lens similar to the Panasonic 20 1.7." , led me to believe that he would purchase the Olympus if the choice was there because of the way it looks. I note that he said "similar" to the Panasonic, not "better".

It's not that big a deal guys, I was just curious as to why such importance is put on such things. If you'd rather not engage in a discussion about this, I'm ok with it but your rudeness is leaving me with the impression that the answer to my question is that if you think you look important, you probably are.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy your new camera no matter what colour it is.

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