Can you believe this opinion about E-M5?

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Re: Can you believe this opinion about E-M5?

Promit wrote:

I'm a little dubious about how much Lok actually knows about the m4/3 system or that he should be taken seriously at all. IIRC his camera of choice is an E-P1 with the 17mm lens. If he's not seeing anything exciting between that and the E-M5, what are you supposed to take away from that? Come on.

As for Kai, I like him. I like Clarkson too. But I would never let either one inform my buying decisions.

I agree. Kai is entertaining. With the casual humour, his accent and some male jokes, he gets away with a lot and people like his different style of reviewing/commenting, e.g. when he said the X-Pro1 was rubbish in AF or manual focusing. Lok however lacks what Kai has and could lose his audience and get ignored with opinions like this one.

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