7D card trap not properly adjusted

Started Apr 2, 2012 | Discussions thread
garners192 Junior Member • Posts: 26
Re: Same here

I did consider getting it exchanged - not so much for the creaking cf door but for the bit of unpainted metal. But after using the camera I kind of forgot about them. I don't think the door is very serious (it doesn't actually move much) and the paint is just cosmetic.

Most new 'toys' I've bought in the past, I tended to keep them polished, buy cases for them, fret over the tiniest scratch and so on, but for some reason the odd dent in this camera doesn't seem so important. Last weekend I managed to chip a bit of paint off the barrel of an expensive lens - I would have been far more upset if I'd scratched a new iPhone or whatever.

Maybe something about the size and weight of this camera makes me assume it's made for throwing around (of course I won't be happy if water gets in through the cf card door, though).

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