Photo of OM-D with 20 1.7 mounted please!

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Re: Photo of OM-D with 20 1.7 mounted please!

ChrisDM wrote:

Now move on please.

Wow. No need to be pushy.

You wrote about coordinating your gear (in a public forum) because, I assume from your post, that it's a very important consideration when purchasing photo gear. I just don't get that -- it has no technical advantage and it may even dissuade you (or someone else) from purchasing something that yields better results. The irony that I see in all this is that the device (camera and lens) is designed specifically to produce an outcome - a means to an end so to speak - but some such as yourself, seem overly obsessed with their appearance when taking photos - so much so that you refer to a lens as "ugly". Perhaps you could explain the need of this whole vanity thing to me because I sort of get it, but I don't get it to the extent that you take it to. What is this ultimate "look" that you strive for? And why is it so necessary/important?

btw: I visted your website and you take good photos - regardless of what your camera looks like.

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