DSLR plus good P&S (S100?)? (also posted on Canon 7D forum)

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Re: DSLR plus good P&S (S100?)? (also posted on Canon 7D forum)

Well, your first problem was leaving your "long" lens on your DSLR all the time. Wait, you're a birder--I never "shoot" birds, so it would have been an easy decision on my part to keep the 15-85 on at all times, but to each his own.

Yeah, if you insist on keeping your telephoto on at all times, an S100 would fill the void.

Or, hey, new thought here: get a T2i with its 18-55 kit lens and carry that along with your other DSLR. At least you'll be able to get "snapshots" with undeniable DSLR quality.

timmer350 wrote:

Am I the only one who is thinking this?

Background to my thoughts: on a recent (intense) birding trip to Cameroon, I either didn't have time to change lenses (kept the long lens on almost all the time) or felt the conditions were too dirty/dusty/humid/rainy, and I missed a lot of opportunities to take snap-shots of the trip - going places, doing stuff, trails, etc. Luckily someone else on the trip had a P&S camera, and has given me shots to fill in the blanks.

I am now thinking, that in many instances, I need to also carry a small P&S for snap shot/time-line/fun photos... one that I can easily put in my pocket that will take photos good enough for web/iPad viewing/story-telling.

My problem is budget... and what do I do with a 15-85 lens with I don't use very much... I feel like I am taking a step backward.

Any recommendations? S100? Or go to another brand for a P&S (I do NOT want a mega zoom - just something that takes good/great photos).

Gone birding... http://picasaweb.google.com/timothyboucherbirder

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