Any happy Pan Lunix 3D1 shooters here?

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Re: Any happy Pan Lunix 3D1 shooters here?

Herman Dijkhuis wrote:

Thanks for the replies.

Seems that Pan 3D1 may be best choice right now.
Though price is (too) high.

Hope (expect) Samsung and Sony will announce real 3D cameras soon!

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Best regards, Herman
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Do you mean it's too high for your purpose, or it's just plain, too high, period?

If the latter, then I would strongly disagree. A 3D camera, being a niche product, will always be somewhat higher in price relative to 2D cameras that are bought by millions across the world. Not only will they be higher because there are two lenses, two sensors, all requiring careful alignment, plus special processing requirements, but also because they will have less sales potential for the manufacturer.

I think that the 3D1 is actually pretty inexpensive, considering the picture/sound quality, which is on a par with Sony's and JVC's much more expensive camcorders.

The 3D1 isn't just a 3D camera, it is a very able camcorder and has some unique 2D camera facilities too. That it is tiny, and can be carried in a jacket pocket, and therefore can be used on any occasion and give high quality results easily, is a gift from Panasonic.

Over time, the 3D1 will inevitably become cheaper but its release retail price represents excellent value for money. The 3D1 isn't just a '3D camera' one trick pony.

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