Photoshop CS5 (Win 7/64) - 16gb RAM or SSD?

Started Apr 3, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Alexdi Junior Member • Posts: 30
Re: Photoshop CS5 (Win 7/64) - 16gb RAM or SSD?

RAM first. Always RAM first with big files. Direct memory access is vastly more efficient than scratch space even if the RAM and SSD were the same speed, which they're not. In fact, depending on how many history states you're saving, you might even try moving to 32 GB with 8GB DIMMs. You can check how you're faring with the 'Efficiency' option in the bottom left corner.

An SSD wouldn't hurt. They're approaching $1/GB, which makes a 128 GB version well within reach for most folks. I've got Photoshop on a 128 GB Crucial M4. It starts cold in about 3 seconds and runs a hell of a lot faster when it runs out of RAM than it ever would with a hard disk.

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