Lens Adapter price variations

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Re: Lens Adapter price variations

I have always used the "good enough"-philosophy when it comes to adapters. I have had a Metabones adapter (Contax G -► m4/3), but the Kipon Contax G -► NEX I use now is lighter, cheaper and smoother. So I'm not sure that there was any point to the Metabones premium. The adapter felt more sturdy for sure, but the Kipon is sturdy enough, and saving some weight is not a bad thing.

But I guess it also depends on how much you use the adapters and what glass you put on them. Mostly I use cheaper adapted glass like Minolta MD for instance, and some LTM-glass. Then I'm not really scared of wear or other problems. And for my usage no adapter has ever shown signs of wear or declining function. If I had very expensive Leica glass and often switched lenses I would probably contemplate a more expensive adapter. But not now. And since I have lenses in maybe 5-6 different mounts I would never spend the money for a quality adapter in each mount.

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