NX200 FW 1.04 Raw SRW Bits/Sample now 12

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Re: NX200 FW 1.04 Raw SRW Bits/Sample now 12

random78 wrote:

Man you keep claiming that samsung was trying to fool people, but you don't provide any reference where samsung has mentioned 14-bit RAW files for NX200. The fact is that samsung never claimed 14-bit RAW files, and the published specs clearly indicated there are 12-bits per pixel in RAW mode. The whole 14-bit RAW file thing came from people on the forums and not from samsung.

And what zdman is talking about is related to storage efficiency and has nothing to do with 12 vs 14-bit RAW. The file format used by the raw files allows both packed as well as unpacked storage. In the unpacked case each pixel gets its own 2 bytes (i.e 16 bits). That is easier to implement but is wasteful because your data is 12 bits but you are using 16-bits for it. The packed format removes this inefficiency but is slightly more complex because now some of the bytes will be split between 2 pixels. So the main thing that samsung has done is to shift from unpacked to packed format. Again it has nothing to do with 14 vs 12-bit raws. I hope people can get over this whole drama which was started by a rumor and was never based in reality.

And btw this is not unique to samsung either. Other brands have been known to store their 12 or 14 bit raw data in unpacked 16-bit format as well.

snake_b wrote:

So they were trying to sucker people in who thought they'd get advantages of 14 bits of data in the picture. Clever.

Zdman wrote:

Started a new topic on the NX200 raw structure. I can confirm 100% that the the old RAW files never contained 14-bits of information. I have written software to read and manipulate the data and there are only 12 bits per pixel. You can see for yourself if you get a hex editor .Every third number is a 0 in the part that contains the raw (after the first 2-3mb) so 4bits + 4bits + 4bits + blank =12bits.


next time, do yourself a favor and avoid quoting someone and make some general conclusion without fully understanding what is being discussed so that you won't look stupid.

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