Former Canon User with D800 First Impressions

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Re: Former Canon User with D800 First Impressions

kanefsky wrote:

FractalMan wrote:

In the computer industry, there is a tendency for competitors to copy each other, especially regarding the user interface and user interaction methods. There is a general standardization of how to do things. Not so between Nikon and Canon. Cripes, the first thing I did was try to take the lens cap off and found that the on/off direction is opposite! How does that happen? I grew up with “Righty Tighty” and “Lefty Loosey”.

I have to agree that I think the Nikon way is backwards. Turning clockwise to tighten and counter-clockwise to loosen is a generally accepted standard. It also makes a lot more sense to line up the dot in the 12:00 position when mounting the lens, and the Canon red dot is much easier to see in the dark.

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UK drives on the left, the rest of EU drives on the right. there is such a thing as backward compatability, which includes Nikon driving on the left
You can't change that after 50 years.

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