Video capabilites comparison 5DIII vs D800 pointed by dpreview

Started Apr 4, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Video capabilites comparison 5DIII vs D800 pointed by dpreview

And Dan Chung chose the 5DIII so no dispute which is better. Of course he has to give Nikon a positive spin for giving him the VIP treatment. The biggest dissapointment is that the clean HDMI out from Nikon is a bit of a gimmick. I have yet to see any improvement over internal recording. The cropping of FF video on the D800 is bad news too. What Dan did not report and he probably knew about is the reason why the 5DIII video is soft (and softer than the 5D2) is that Canon include an additional strong AA filter to remove moire and aliasing in video. In post and grading the 5DIII video actually resolve much more detail than D800 as has been done by Philip Bloom. someone actually took the 5DIII apart and removed one of the two AA filter that blocks AA in video and the sharpness and details was approaching hacked GH2 level while moire is kept well under control. I wish Canon will remove this AA filter as the benefit is too little and may actually impede on video quality.

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