1D MkII for 7D??

Started Mar 20, 2012 | Discussions thread
Jay Adeff Senior Member • Posts: 1,276
not for high ISO sports

I use a 1DMkIIn for sports at high ISO (800+). At a recent event I had the opportunity to try a colleague's 7D. For me, the MkIIn autofocus is better (faster and more accurate). But what really surprised me was the noise at 800 to 1600 ISO. The MkIIn is clean with very fine grained noise and lots of detail. The 7D images were completely mushy and lacking in any detail at 800+ ISO. Sure, the file is much bigger, but there's no detail. The 7D is great at low ISO and the 3" LCD is heaven, but I'll stick my MkIIn.

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