Legallity of Street Photography

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Re: Legallity of Street Photography

hotdog321 wrote:

In the U.S. they do not have a legal leg to stand on, so long as the photographs are presented as "art" and NOT used for advertising. Lots of art photographers have books/shows on art photography where the subjects objected: Gary Winogrand, Andre' Kertesz, Diane Arbis, etc., etc.

Note that here in the land of fee, people sue people for anything/everything, but they won't win.

They might win if the caption can be shown to be degrading. In other words, If I shoot a guy falling down drunk in front of a bar, and use the caption, "Drunken man falling down in front of a bar" he might be able to sue AND win.

"That's slander. I tripped. I've never been drunk in my life!"

So be veeeery carful about your captions....

(This pertains ONLY to US law. I make no claims about the law in other countries)

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