Orchids with a Vivitar 135mm f/2.8 M42 on SD1M

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Re: Orchids with a Vivitar 135mm f/2.8 M42 on SD1M

pntbll248 wrote:

Thanks! I used the same technique described in that thread -- mount an old 50mm EX macro, take a shot, switch to the vivitar during the buffer, don't turn off the camera. I have the LCD set to turn off after 30 seconds, but I just keep the camera turned on and auto-off disabled. Battery life suffers, obviously. The EXIF data reports a focal length of 50mm and an aperture of f/45, which was the last shot I took with the 50mm macro. Even an hour later, after going through the menu and changing all sorts of things, the lens still works as long as the camera does not power off.

Also, I replied to your message in that thread. Unfortunately, the technique of off-mount lens -- on -- shot -- off -- displace & hold switch -- mount lens -- on -- shoot didn't work

OK I see . We have our posts crossed . Now I have posted there my thoughts about this but I will post them here as well :

In my understanding the camera , when unpowered , will retain the last mounted lens information and will not take a new lens reading again until the Switch is cycled , indicating that a lens has been removed and another has been mounted .

I think the problem in your initial test is that the sequence had been lost so ,in order to do a proper investigation , first thing in order is restoring the sequence before fooling the camera:

1 Camera off , Free the Switch ( Remove paper )

2 Camera off , mount a Sigma lens , turn on ,take a picture ,make sure it works properly, turn off .
3 Camera off , remove lens , displace Switch and fix it as you did before .

4 Camera off , Mount the manual lens and turn on camera and take test images and read exif.

See what the Exif reports as lens ( should be the last lens you mounted, the camera cannot possibly know that the lens was removed while it was off , unless the switch is a TOGGLE SWITCH and reports its new toggled position upon power up . That is why restoring the sequence is important.)

I hope it works. Otherwise the only way out is to disable the lens reading routine in the Firmware and this is not easy.

Can you send me a copy of your RAW file ( Any of them taken the way you are doing it )

I have Skype , for easy transfer of big files , my user name: sigmacumlaude
Thanks .

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