Is 5D3 jpg cleaner than D800 jpg in same size?

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Re: Is 5D3 jpg cleaner than D800 jpg in same size?

Zlik wrote:

James Bligh wrote:

I find 5D3 jpg cleaner than D800 jpg in same size comparison.

I downloaded ISO6400 D800 & 5D3 pictures from the above sites. Strangely 5D3 file is 1/3 size of D800 file.

Interior: 24.54MB, Aperture Priority, 1/20, f8, 6400 ISO, 50mm

Interior: 8.51MB, Aperture Priority, 1/15, f8, 6400 ISO, 50mm

I downsized D800 picture to the size of 5D3 picture (5760 X 3840) and it became about 16 MB (5760 X 3845) and compared two pictures. Despite the difference in file sizes and yes it is jpg vs. jpg comparison but 5D3 picture is much cleaner and D800 picture is definitely noisier than 5D3 picture in this same size comparison. What is your opinion about this? I am bewildered since many people have claimed D800 photos are comparable noisewise to 5D3 photos in same size comparison.

1) check the exposure. It's the same thing again and again. The canon is at f/8, 1/15 and the Nikon is at f/8, 1/20. What does this tell you?

How much is the difference between 1/15 and 1/20 sec? 1/3 stop?

2) depends on how you downscale. different algorithms will produce different results. With proper downscaling, the results should be more similar.

I used Picasa 3.9 for this simple downscaling.

3) jpg. JPG? Seriously ?

It may mean 5D3 jpg is more processed but it does not mean it is necessarily a bad thing.

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