Sigma 30mm 2.8 a good lens, but not fast enough

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Re: Sigma 30mm 2.8 a good lens, but not fast enough

cptrios wrote:

What I'm reasonably hoping for is some nice non-pancakes that are just compact like the two Sigmas.

Yes, I agree. While I'd like just one lens (a normal) that's as compact as possible (add the 7mm or so to the Samsung) the difference isn't significant, and these lenses are still reasonably compact, particularly compared to something like the 50/1.8. They're still "jacket pocketable". Much longer than a 30 or 35mm lens and the FL dictates an increasingly longer lens, so I wouldn't expect very compact lenses to offer a wide range of FLs. Even Pentax' 70/2.4 adjusted for flange distance ends up 14mm longer than the Sigma. That would be great AFAIC, but I think if people are expecting an e-mount version of a lens like that, they have to realize it's not possible.

I'd still like to see a lens sized like the Sigma offer f/2 ... I have a sinking feeling we're going to get a fast normal that's big and a compact normal that's slow from Sony, though I'll hope to be pleasantly surprised one day. Then give us a short tele sized like the 50/1.8 (a 70/2.4 or an 85/2.8 would do nicely, thank you !) and I'll be content for primes. (The Pentax 70/2.4 plus an adapter is shorter than the eMount 50/1.8 while the Sony 85/2.8 plus adapter is 18mm longer than the 50/1.8 ... anything in that range would do, particularly if it offers IS).

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