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Re: Count the full cost

Apollo18 wrote:

I think it will handle those files just fine actually. I researched i5 vs i7 before buying, and concluded the small speed increase wasn't worth the extra cash. For cs5, I found benchmark results showing there is not much difference. An SSD and a HDD with a decent size cache yields more significant gains.

And not being a wedding photographer, I rarely come home with more than a few hundred shots on my card.

I agree with your sentiment in you other post though. 3000 shots is a lot of work. A fast machine just makes it do-able but not, I imagine, pleasant.

eNo wrote:

Well, I'm here to tell you that you need to aim higher: i7-Quad, with 16GB minimum. That's the system I just built for myself. Even my 8GB laptop is an i7. That said, look at my other response. Bottom line: even with the fastest computer, larger file handling will take longer than it would with smaller files. A couple of hundred files per occasional shoot may seem okay, but count the cost if you're doing massive batch-processing of lots and lots (thousands) of files. The money you spend on your PC will seem miniscule in comparison to the costs associated with time spent on your PC .

Apollo18, your new rig will do fine. Like many things, you can always spend more and get higher spec. I have recently built a similar machine to yours, but with 16gb RAM. And tested it with D800 RAW files (Downloaded from the web, like you still waiting). It goes just great.

I also did alot of research before purchasing anything, and found the i7 CPU only gave about 10-15% more performance in PS, but costs considerably more. Its also worth mentioning, that in the tests, they were doing some fairly heavy duty tasks in PS to really see what the processors can handle (as a test should). Thats not typical day to day use in PS for many people.


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