X-Pro1, camera with no market. No sports, low light, not small

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Re: X-Pro1, camera with G R E A T market. IQ, IQ, IQ

Can't believe this troll generated so much of an outcry


I am a Canon DSLR user

Tested 5D2 with 135 f2L on a tripod yesterday at all ISO from 400 to 6400

Goal was to produce RAW files and then process in LR for noise removal.

Then compare to jpeg output from DPReview at 100%

Sad conclusion for me

Unprocessed 5D2 files are close to 2 stops behind the Fuji sensor. Lightroom could close the difference but by only one stop.

The worse news is that the Fufi files will eventually be available in RAW for Lightroom.

Wish Fuji would make all ISO levels available in RAW

This capability combined with the stellar IQ makes it a formidable camera if usability is even just OK


arcaswissi99 wrote:

I have owned the cam for about 10 days now. I have photographed with all Nikon Pro cams, with some Canon Pro cams and recently with Pentax 645d. What I can say this is the best overall sensor I have ever photographed with! Not everything is perfect but this is the most important point for me.

a few photos with the X-Pro1. Nothing to write home about, more a test of color fidelity and lens test. As soon as I have more presentable photos I´ll post some.


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