Best Buy, B&H, Nikon & common sense

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Best Buy, B&H, Nikon & common sense

Business sense... from a realistic point of view:
(mostly because I'm bored at the moment)

2 of the things I read most here lately, that bug me, because I know you all care...

  1. "Blame Nikon, not B&H/Adorama/Amazon"

  2. "Why does Nikon give cameras to Best Buy when all the real photographers preordered at B&H/Adorama.. don't they care about photographers?"

"Blame Nikon..."

To all of you that say "It's not B&H's fault, it's Nikon's, for not giving them enough cameras!". The one thing you don't know... nor will you ever because any business in their right mind would not admit it, is the possibility that B&H (or any other retailer) could have really slipped up on paperwork. I know it's easy to assume that they took all their preorders, filled out all the Nikon ordering info correctly, and submitted it all on time. Because that's the norm. But what if they flubbed that and only got enough orders in on time to get a minimal amount of "first batch" as you all call it. I'm not accusing them, because like you, I don't know either. But what if Amazon, Adorama, B&H, Abe's, Cameta, etc... didn't get the paperwork in on time, or correctly, and were only given a limited number of supply. Too many people make too many assumptions based on info they are clueless about. Sure I understand you WANT to believe it's not the fault of the retailer, we all would, but cut Nikon some slack. I don't think they're doing any of this on purpose.

I'm sure many will say "what a ridiculous stretch"... and sure, it's not common, but it's entirely possible.

"Best Buy vs. REAL camera stores..."

When Nikon puts out a preorder to ALL of it's retailers, they don't care who is who. Best Buy is a lot larger than any of the camera stores you can mention, and likely ordered more D800s than any of the others too (assumption on my part, but a reasonable one). So if Best Buy orders 5,000 units to carry in it's stores nationwide, and B&H orders 500 to sell to NPS and it's preorders, who do you think is going to receive the most cameras?

Nikon doesn't take preorders from photographers. Nikon has no idea which retailer has more preorders in line. Nikon doesn't care that B&H and Adorama took preorders from customers and Best Buy didn't... nor should they. Nikon only cares about distributing the product they have available to those retailers that ordered them. B&H may be the most popular camera store on DPR... but they are not the most popular camera store in the U.S. or across the globe. They are but one of Nikon's MANY authorized resellers... and there is no reason Nikon should play favoritism just because B&H took preorders on a camera, totally unrelated to Nikon itself (that goes for any store, I mention B&H because of the dozens of identical comments in these threads).

Personally, I think the real issue here is #2. Best Buy is a larger entity and has a lot more money on hand to back those orders to Nikon. It's not some sort of "special deal" they made, it's just common business sense.

Store A ordered 100, store B ordered 10.... where should we send most of the first 50 ?

Anyway, tear it apart, but it just seems to me this is a more rational, and realistic way of looking at things. And despite what a few of you will accuse me of, I'm not bashing any retailer. The only humor I've seen, is the B&H delay, because they are the only ones with a PR guy here, explaining why they give no dates, and how he can help them stay in line when switching between D800 & D800e. Along with all the praise and glory they received when preorders were placed, and the bashing of Amazon and Best Buy... then watching who actually delivered.

And in case I wasn't insulting enough... I hope all your cats die. I'm tired of looking at them.

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