Are many missing the point of 36MP??

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Brandon birder wrote:

burtmann wrote:

I've not used the 70-200+tc2.0 enough to even form an opinion. I have had some pretty decent shots with the Sigma 150-500 though, all at the long end.

I have both and a V1 also. IMO you can't beat reach when you need reach. So although the 70-200 is one of the sharpest lenses in it's range, at 400 mm it does not beat a 500mm lens for birds at 100 yards. Under 15 yards it is better though.

I recently compared the 70-200 VRII with TC17 and TC20, to the 70-300 VR, on D5100 and V1 bodies. My conclusion was that although the focal length multiplier is an important factor, there are other factors to consider:

1 The resolving power of the lens in its crop area
2 The image quality of the lens in its crop area
3 The resolving power of the sensor

I found that the V1 sensor consistently outresolved the D5100. This is expected due to finer pixel pitch.

I also observed that while the V1 resolved more detail with the TC17 than it did alone, it did not resolve more with the TC20 than the TC17. It only magnified the image slightly.

Finally, comparing the 70-200 with TC17 to the 70-300, the former produced noticeably superior image quality.

But I finally decided on the V1 with 70-300 as my walkabout. The light weight and flexibility offset the ability to shoot at a greater distance.

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