Thom's thoughts on Raw and sRaw

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Re: Thom's thoughts on Raw and sRaw

Thom does always make sense (except his guess on future Nikon product and recently recommendation of D800E, which I foresee that there will be so many complaints arising from amateur D800E users). I agree with him this time as using sRAW does deviate from the concept of "RAW". sRAW is no longer a RAW because it does sacrifice some details.

Nevertheless, I don't think a very high specs of PC is required. I have tried loading D800 raw into my PS CS5. The speed of process raw is quite similar to D700. I am using a lowest end duo core (E4300) and a geforce display card 210 with 512MB memory. 3G main ram. However, I admit that processing movie using this specs is barely acceptable, converting RAW to JPEG also takes way longer, though I can instruct my computer to do it overnight then I go to sleep.

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