Stolen Camera Finder - scam?

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matt burns New Member • Posts: 2
Re: Searchable with exif

Yep, that's exactly how it works. I have lots of web crawlers scanning the net for images and collecting the serial numbers they find in the exif.

Yes it's true a smart thief can easily strip the exif data but in reality, most stolen cameras are just sold on. There are then two possibilities:

1) The buyer knows it is stolen. The thought of having to strip all the exif makes the camera much less valuable to the buyer. This makes it worth less and therefore lowers incentive to steal it in the first place.

2) The buyer doesn't know it is stolen. Once photos are uploaded, we can track the camera down which in turn may produce evidence that catches the thief.

The main reason I wrote stolencamerafinder was to reduce the value of stolen cameras which should help reduce the crime in the first place.

Any questions, fire away!

-Matt, creator of

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