Post your Sigma 30mm EX DN shots?

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Jonathan_Whiteman Contributing Member • Posts: 962
Pics: Sigma 30mm vs. Sony 50mm

This has been asked for and my SEL50f18 just arrived. Below are 4 shots from 3 lenses. Don't forget to click on them (twice) to enlarge them fully.

  • First is the SEL50F18 at f1.8

  • Next is the Sigma 30mm at 2.8 (2 shots because the first is similar framing and the second is similar distance)

  • Last is a ROKKOR-X 50mm at f1.4 for DOF comparison (ignore the softness - it's wide open and I didn't compensate for the extra light).

Looking at these for the first time I think I'll still be using my ROKKOR for some situations but the SEL50F18 will be pretty much a replacement for it (as expected). AF is quick, accurate and a no-brainer. What's also interesting is that the 30mm is as versatile for me as expected and should end up as my go to lens given size, weight and the focal length. I can get wider shots more easily than the 50mm but still recreate reasonable portrait style shots with a step or two closer to the subject (rather than right in their face with the 16mm). The SEL16F28 is a great low light lens and the Sigma shouldn't be as good but I'm hoping it's still OK. I'm yet to really find out but can always carry the 16mm on vacation for night shots which is what I do now anyway.

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