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Re: Leica M9 SD card advice

Congrats on picking up the M9.

matty fidler wrote:

I originally on the test day brought Sandisk ultras but they were quickly changed by the guys at Mayfair for the Sandisk Extreme. Are these ok? Any problems?

Before you let them do it - I would question them on why they are changing it (i.e. on what evidence). They might just be trying to sell higher priced extremes. You should read this thread, it's an interesting experience based on a similar scenario - new user, same store, extreme: http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/read.asp?forum=1038&message=40446488 . There are several other 3rd-party extreme reports here: http://www.l-camera-forum.com/leica-forum/leica-m9-sd-card-issues/219292-sandisk-extreme-pro-8-gb.html . In short, shun the Extreme for now.

I've done some study into this issue. I personally think Leica these days is struggling to guarantee any particular card is ok, and this SD card issue is still haunting them since they released the latest FW upgrade that was supposed to fix SanDisk issues. I recently had a corruption issue with one of their recommended cards (Lexar Pro from their 2009 compatibility list) and I reported it to Leica over a month ago, and I'm told by Leica that "QA is still working on this issue. In the meantime use slower SD card". Wow - that Lexar card (a Class 6) is an old & slow card but today's standards, plus it is a recommended card.

So taking Leica's own recommendation based on my experience, I would suggest you tell the Mayfair people to keep their Extreme & accept the Ultra, since it is a class 4, thus is slower than a class 6 & should present no problems. The current model Ultras were dodgy in the M9 prior to the latest firmware release 1.176 but since then, I feel the current Ultra (in particular the 16Gb which I generally use) has been safe for me.


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