That concludes my entry into these challenges

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Re: That concludes my entry into these challenges

Thanks Old Arrow, but Mike explained it completely in nine words!

OldArrow wrote:

According to Wikipedia:

Sandbagging, hiding the strength, skill or difficulty of something or someone early in an engagement, may refer to:

  • Sandbagging in billiards and other games, deliberately playing below one's actual ability in order to fool opponents into accepting higher stakes bets, or to lower one's competitive rating in order to play in a future event with a higher handicap and consequently have a better chance to win; the term has spread to chess, go and other such games

-Sandbagging (golfing), playing poorly until establishing a handicap and then raising bets, using the established handicap to unfairly win

  • Sandbagging (racing), deliberately qualifying slower than what the car can actually perform

... or short: cheating by undermining opposition and augmenting own scores . Or in the case of DPR Challenges, selling one's face to reach exactly nothing worth the effort .

True meaning refers to dam support, heightening or waterproofing, by adding bags of sand (quick and temporary building)...

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