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Re: I can't be sure...

Alejandrolessandro63 wrote:

Brian Mosley wrote:

But low light focusing in AF-S mode now appears to be more hesitant getting started... seems like it could be a step backwards in responsiveness.

Hi Brian. I don't see backward steps. 1.21 seems to lock as 1.20. It is a bit incostant as it's always been: sometimes it gets it at the first try, sometimes not. But snappier and more likely to get focus than 1.13 it is.

Don't think they have done anything strange: they just fixed the misaligned/off-center focusing area in MF+AFL. All the rest is 1.20.

Thanks Alejandro,

perhaps I'm being overly sensitive... talking about fractions of a second comparing with v1.2 (not v1.13, which is clearly slower).

Those fractions of a second make a difference though, in perception of responsiveness.

I'll see whether anyone else notices a difference, and can always go back to v1.2 if I need to satisfy my curiosity.


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