HX9V or ZS-20 or F770EXR?

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HX9V or ZS-20 or F770EXR?

Hello all, new guy here. First off I am sorry if I put this in the wrong forum. I didn't
see a forum for multiple brands.

Ever since my SD780IS died I have been in need of a new camera. I tried a 300HS but I thought the IQ was bad compared to my old SD780 so I returned it.

I have since been looking at the "travel zoom" camera's as the extra zoom will be better for my needs(outdoors, hunting, hiking,etc).

My must haves are.

-$350 or under.

-Small enough to be easily carried. I know I can beat the IQ of pretty much any P&S by going with a older camera that has a bigger sensor but if it is to big to carry with me then there is not point in even having it. The whole "The best camera you have is the one with you." thing.

-Image quality and true-to-life colors(Dud lol).

I know I can only do so well with the tiny sensors but If I can do as good or better then my old SD780IS I will be happy.

-Good low light performance.

I will be taking this with me on my hikes/hunts so there are lots of times I take pictures around twilight or even after dark with the aid of my flashlight. I don't need the best is the world but some mildly clean, low noise photos would be nice. Again, if I it can do as well or a bit better then a SD780IS I'll be happy.

-Some manual control and at least 15sec shutter speed capable.

Kinda goes with the above but I like to take some lower light photos like the evening sky, stars, cities, etc so some control is needed. I managed with my old Canon's "manual" mode(ha)that let me pick the AWB and ISO and a long shutter mode.

-Good stereo video that can zoom while recording and have alright low-light performance. I use the video a lot so having HD video with good sound is a must. 1080P is a definite want but only if the frame rate is 30FPS or higher(I REALLY like 60FPS). The 24FPS on the 300HS was to choppy and gave me headaches lol.

-Zoom of 8x or more.

Since I would take this outdoors with me it would be nice to get some wildlife shots that I couldn't do with my old Canon.

I know that the higher you go the worse the pictures become but I am not sure at what point the cons outweigh the pros.

-Is NOT a touch screen unless it is not the only way to control the camera like the
Panasonic Lumix cameras.

The camera's that I keep coming back to are the HX9V, ZS-20 and the F770EXR.

The HX9V seems to take a little bit sharper photos with less noise but to me the colors seem a bit on the cool side and a little dark. I don't like the fact that it is sluggish and you cannot turn off the photo preview.

The ZS-20 seems to be perfect for me. Has warmer colors and bright pictures, faster focus, more zoom, better video, etc. But, the potential deal-breaker is that some folks are saying the photos are unusably noisy. Are they really that bad? I've read that the newer ones seem to have better photos then the first ones and that maybe Panasonic made some changes to the firmware. Is there any truth to that? Is there anyway that the noise can be toned-down with software?

And lastly the F770EXR. I cannot find much on this camera. It seems like a good option being RAW capable and having a slightly larger sensor then the other two so it is on my list. Has anyone done a in-depth review on one of these?

Is anyway whats the general consensus on the above camera's?
Which one would y'all pick?
Are there any major problems with the above cameras that I don't know about?
Are there any other cameras I should be looking at?

Thanks for any info,

Fujifilm FinePix F770EXR Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX9V
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