Pentax K3 FF announced

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Re: Ouch!

I didn't say that Sony made a MF camera. And regardless of how well Sony's FF DSLR did in the market, it's besides the point. The fact is that they DID make one. Already.

It's just ironic that people are fantasizing about a camera that, even if Pentax did make, it would be years late and already behind.

Alex Sarbu wrote:

colesf wrote:

Whether my glass is half empty or full, the fact is that the camera proposed as a joke has already been made by Sony a couple of years ago. And that Pentax has chosen to put it's resources into making a molasses-slow MF camera that's sure to be obsolete soon when they could have been making more advanced FF or other DSLRs.
Bested by....Sony? How sad.

I wasn't aware Sony made a better MF camera

They succeeded in taking a large chunk of the FF market, though... right? Oops, no, they failed.


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