Hood Loupe versus Clearviewer

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Erik Ohlson
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Re: Neither, really

Never had any experience wit Retinette, but I got my girlfriend a Retina IIa in a pawn shop for $25 and I was shocked at the IQ compared to my beloved Leica, no matter what lens I put on the Leica(s), that 50mm Schneider/Kreusnach kicked the Leica stuff into next week. Amazing for a folding bellows camera.

Not long after that I got a Fujica ST701 SLR - also better than the Leicas, and I eventually sold all my Leica stuff on eBay.

Married the girlfriend, and the Retina (and the ST701) were burned in a housefire - which the pocket Olympus XA survived "just fine" after scraping ashes & such off it

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