X-Pro1, camera with no market. No sports, low light, not small

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Re: X-Pro1, camera with no market. No sports, low light, not small

bkxmnr wrote:

While the OP's tone does seem a bit 'trollish', does anyone who has used the camera know if his points are valid?

photo perzon wrote:

The X-Pro 1 is a great camera with no market.

The fact that there's an hourly poll of X Pro availability on this forum, and that it stayed in the Amazon top 10 of compact system camera would tend to indicate this is wrong.

Worthless in dark rooms, won't AF, will hunt

For at least some folks, this is not true:

Worthless for sports and fast moving subjests

Assuming you don't know how to zone focus, and/or if you care about sports.

Not small, not a great travel camera, and no zooms or reach lens

Zooms are already on the roadmap, and with a converter there are tons of teles available. More over, the "not that small" canard just needs to die:

Good for dermatologists but so is a DSLR

A useless ad hom.

Same frontal area as a Nikon D5100, but you lose the fast AF, lenses, dark room AF

This same troll was making the same argument a couple of months ago. It was nonsensical then, it's nonsensical now:

Seems to me it is an enthusiast camera. That Amazon Prime won't sell out is a warning the first day.

Most camera's sold are "enthusiast" cameras. I don't even know what the second half of that statement is supposed to mean.

IQ same as DSLRs at half the price.

Debatable, but besides the point, nor is IQ/cost. Pure IQ isn't the draw, it's IQ within a smaller/lighter form factor.

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