Samsung NX 20 Announced

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Re: Samsung NX 20 Announced

I have to disagree on the articulated screen front....maybe it is because I come from a long history of video cameras....but I never got why pro photographers never liked them on their hi-end cameras....I mean the flexibility it gives you for creative low or high angle shots is fantastic with an articulated screen....Professional video people would never buy a video camera without an articulated screen or swivel viewfinder...why not photographers....I always find it funny with this new batch of Canon 5D MkII/III camera people making all these crazy rigs to make it usable as a video camera...It has no articulated screen or view finder....if it would be many magnitudes times more usable as a video camera....Think of shooting a video sequence where your camera has to be low to the ground...sort of a POV shot...and think of trying to get it without an articulated LCD....

I have an EX-1/TL500....I use the articulated shots all the time for street photography...I can place the camera at waist level and flip out the LCD and take a shot no problem....

I guess I am saying I love articulated LCD screens...

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