Travel photog. w/o U do it ?

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Re: Travel photog. w/o U do it ?

jonrobertp wrote:

Say you like shooting in somewhat exotic locations in other countries...and are fairly good at it. Wife/gf is not interested in going there, but prefers to go shopping/movies with other fems. She's not particularly opposed to you going alone, but, while the freedom is good, it also gets a bit lonely on such trips, esp. the long ones. Or, when you have such a good spot, and no-one to exactly share the moment could even be after the shoot at dinner later.

So what's a guy to do ?

I will go up to 5-6 days on photo safaris with my brother. My problem is my wife has no interest in the locales I go to:

AND she won't let me go there alone.......


If she is OK with it, I say go for it. It is easier to wait for the shot without someone there looking at their watch every 5 minutes.


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