Attitude towards street photography in the Netherlands?

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re: SP in NL is very popular (and well perceived too)

And yes, the photo I posted above isn't that good but it shows my reluctance to get any closer or in front of the subject.

well, it sounds like you are interested in trying new approaches, which is half the battle. one advantage to shooting in the nl or for that matter much of europe is the sheer density of activity on most streets there--the streets tend to be physically smaller, and people tend to live more comfortably on the street, as compared to the us (for arbitrary example). so even if people are sometimes prickly, there are more opportunities to try and take advantage of.


one thing though, and if you are dutch then probably you already know--if it is snowy, people in the netherlands seem to have no compunctions whatsoever about beaning strangers with snowballs, perhaps especially strangers with cameras. i find it kind of refreshing, actually, but keep an eye cocked if you don't want to risk your camera getting wet.

Very true, even without holding a camera in my hands I always look out for groups of kids whenever there's snow around.

jpr2 wrote:

take a look here what they do:

one of the most prolific SP'ers in NL is Akbar Simonse from Hague, well
known all over the world for his collection of street art documentaries;
and Peter Dumont from Haarlem used to run weekly WSP thread on DPR
for many years - am quite sure they will be glad to tell you more should
you contact them by e-mail; look them up in any case, it will be pretty
instructional as European school of SP does differ from that over Atlantic



Interesting to see a veteran SP on these forums living in the same city.

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