Pantone ColorVision ColorPlus questions

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Re: Pantone ColorVision ColorPlus answers (some)...

GordonBGood wrote:

Unfortunately, due to how Windows treats video adapters (your video card), the calibration adjustments made will apply to both monitors, even though the adapter actually has two separate Look Up Tables (LUT's). This isn't serious if both your monitors are the same model, but it definitely will be a problem if one monitor is a CRT and the other your Dell LCD monitor, as they will almonst certainly have different tone response adjustements required. To overcome this, one has to do manual adjustments inside the nVidia device driver (under Display Properties), which can not be automated using the Spyder software.

Is this still true with the later versions of Wiindows which exist now and with the later version of Datacolor's Spyder, the Spyder3Pro or Elite or Elite v.4, and for two LCD monitors that are from different manufacturers?

If manual adjustments inside the device driver are still required, exactly how does one access them and make the necessary adjustments?

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