Sigma 19 vs Sigma 30 compared on NEX-7

Started Apr 2, 2012 | Discussions thread
RussellInCincinnati Veteran Member • Posts: 3,201
Sigma 19mm corner's real sharp, as is Nex zoom at 19mm

Hmm, if we can all get a 19mm Sigma that is as sharp as PaulR's at F5.6 in the corner, woohoo. Looks like this lens can be better than my first impression.

We should also note that the lowly sub-200-gram Nex 18-55 "kit zoom", with plenty of geometric distortion, nonetheless is quite sharp all over the frame at around 19mm and F/5.6, even on the old Nex 5. Look at the third-from-the-left extreme corner fragment at 18mm focal length:

Am sure a newest copy of that lens on a Nex C3 or 5n would be better.

On the Nex 5 at 18mm/F8, even the Alpha mount 220g plastic kit (also needs a 110g LAEA1 adapter) zoom gets up to speed, see the fourth-from-the-left extreme corner fragment.

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