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GYMIL wrote:

I love the bridge shot - reminded me of back home a bridge across the " Old Mississippi" Now that you had your 9300 for a couple weeks, can you give me some input. I am looking at the Nikon 9300 also Cannon sx260, but also the P510/Cannon sx40. But like the idea of being able to slide it in my pocket - We are going on a 75 day cruise in a couple months - Japan, China, Indo. etc. I will probably shoot 80+ percent on auto. Any thoughts or suggestion greatly appreciated Want long zoom. I am a 70 year old beginner.

I have a Canon SX-210 but never upgraded it - I went to the S9100 and then S9300 instead. The Canon had a near-400 mm zoom, but the images were very noisy. The S9100 improved on that and also had more zoom, so that was easy. I am always concerned about the camera's ability to produce sharp photos in average light, handheld and at full zoom. The S9300 can do that very well. But I also shoot bursts, which slows down my picture taking, but my odds of getting a very sharp image improve from about 70 percent to about 95 percent. The only viable alternative was to take several single shots to make sure, or risk losing an important shot. The burst mode is working out good. This is not just for the Nikons - it applies to all cameras. I've had several bridge cameras, by Panasonic and Nikon, and here's the thing: To get sharp images at the longer zooms these cameras have (same sensor size as the pocket cameras), you need more than just good image stabilization. You need a very very steady hand, and very strong light. With the longest zooms on bridge cameras my biggest issues were getting focus and then getting a sharp image. For some odd reason I'm having much better luck with the pocket cameras like the S9300. Here's a suggestion: Get on the P510 threads and hammer on those folks about the specific issues they have with maximum zoom, using free-hand, and getting quick focus and sharp images. Maybe you'll get a different impression than what I had with mine.

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