NEX 7, OM-D E-M5, Sony A77 size with lenses compared

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Re: Different story for kit zooms though...

Richt2000 wrote:

The panny 14-45 isnt much smaller than the sony 18-55. I own both. The latest oly 14-42 is a bit smaller, yes, but not much in it.

Why compare an Olympus camera with a non-Olympus lens? If you do that then mount a Nikon on the Sony.

Actually, an e-m5 + 12-50 is bigger than a nex7 + 18-55.

What's the point of comparing lenses with 2 different focal length fields of view? If you do that then compare the Olympus 17mm to the Sony 18-200mm or the Olympus 75-300mm to the Sony 16mm. The point is to compare equivalent lenses. The Olympus 12-50mm (24-100mm fov) is not equivalent to the Sony 18-55mm (27-82.5mm fov). The Olympus 14-42mm (28-84mm fov) is the closest equivalent.

I didnt mention a sony 16-105. That will obviously be bigger - in the same way a 80-400 will be bigger.

Actually, I meant to write Sony 16-80mm since that has the closest focal length field of view to the Olympus 12-50mm. Don't forget that you need the Sony LA-EA2 also to adapt the lens though.

The bottom line is that you you have compare the closest equivalent lenses to make the comparison meaningful. It doesn't make sense to compare the size of these 2:

EM-5 + 17mm
NEX 7 + LA-EA2 + 80-400mm

or these 2:

EM-5 + 12-50mm
NEX 7 + 18-55mm

Or any number of other strange combinations. Cherry picking non-equivalent combinations just doesn't seem meaningful, but if it is to you then go ahead. The point of my OP was trying to compare equivalents or as close as possible equivalents.

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