Is Full-Frame simply an expensive phase for many photographers?

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Re: Terrible AF

That is true. Also even there are some clever things done on VF but they are still not the dslr caliber. On the other hand there are quite a few things you can do well without PDAF or OVF. A lot of people shooting dslr are relying on the LCD screen (e.g. the swivel screen advocates). All I'm saying is the impression that one has to go dslr for the very best IQ may no longer be true.

RRJackson wrote:

carlk wrote:

NEX-7 has 24MP sensor which is more than any Canon sensor full frame or aps-c. It's IQ is better than the latest Canon aps-c.

And yet its autofocus abilities are somewhere between point-and-shoot and the cheapest DSLR you can find. Which is fine if you never shoot anything in motion, but kind of a problem for everyone else.

Until the AF abilities of these new small cameras are MUCH better they aren't really a serious choice for anyone. The Nikon 1 cameras are probably the fastest and most useful in terms of AF right now, but that locks you into a relatively small sensor and 10 megapixels, which is a problem in terms of replacing even the least expensive DSLR.

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