Best walkabout lens for D800

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Re: Best walkabout lens for D800

This is a very personal choice that will vary with each photographers goals and actually where you are walking about, city, in the country, woods etc.

I am not a zoom user, not that today zooms aren’t as good as primes because for the most part I think they are anymore.

Ok to answer your question my walk about lens used to be the Nikon 60 AFD and now it is the 60mm AFS-G ( this is one lens where the G model is really better than the D model, especially at infinity.

As a true walk about lens, at least to me is where I am not sure what I will be photographing. ( I rarely leave the house with out a minimum of two lens, 60mm and 180mm or 28mm and 105mm f2 DC ).

With the D800 and the 60mm I can crop 2/3rds of the photo out and still have a better photo than my D3 because of better DR and more fine detail. I never use the dX mode I would rather crop with the computer rather than let the camera decide for me.
I might want a close up of a flower and a few seconds later a portrait.

I guess I am not really a true walk about photographer, yes some times I just grab the camera and a lens and go, but most times I have a planed goal in mind an take every thing with me in a large bag and a smaller bag to put what is needed for a hike or what ever.
Wow I sure got carried away when a simple answer would have done.

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