18-200mm convenience Vs. 55-210mm for compactness?

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Re: 18-200mm convenience Vs compactness? Change 'convenience to sharp

Quantic wrote:

I had the 18-55 and 55-210 and sold them both to buy the 18-200, I am MUCH happier with this than the previous combination, the 18-200 is much better in the 18-55 range, I found it to be sharper, better colours and about on par with the 55-210 at 55-200...

When I heard people moaning about the kit lens I didn't know what they where talking about, I thought it took excellent pictures, this was until I used the 18-200 in the same range, its fantastic in comparison.

Hi, (I tried sending this before so if you see this twice, you aren't in the Twilight Zone). I'm a nooby so be lenient.

I totally agree I found this lens really sharp.

I have the Nex 7, [second-hand], with the 18-200 and also wondered which lens to scout for. I'm glad it is this lens as not many cameras impress me, but the Nex with this combination is stunning. The Tamron is certainly a lighter lens if that is what you are looking for since this lens is a bit of a lump but I think weight helps with steadiness, (he said hopefully), and the build oozes quality with no zoom creep, at least on my example.

My concerns were whether another brand lens has the same superb image stabilisation? I find the Sony easily allows hand held 200mm, [300mm], down to 1/80th sec. even. The exif on the watch image, (if I manage to insert it), tells me that it is at 1/80 @ f/6.3 on full chat 200mm using ASA1600! I had just a reading lamp on in the evening so no daylight or flash help. The camera Ai took care of the settings, I haven't sharpened or altered it in any way apart from compressing the life out of it in Photoshop to get it to upload.

It is always amusing reading road tests on this camera wanting a wider angle or bothered about edge distortion; why not use the Pan facility, you get almost 180deg. and even in 3D if you want?

I leave distortion correction on all the time along with corner correction and have very little to complain about. I don't know if there is a thread on set-up recommendations but it would help a lot as I am wandering around the buttons in a bit of a haphazard way. If you stumble on a chap doing a Homer fumbling with the buttons on the back of a camera in the street, it'll be me. Regards, Brian.

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