Auto focus does not work in total darkness

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Re: Auto focus does not work in total darkness

this is something i dealt with too. nothing is "total" darkness of course unless u r locked in a radiation proof block with no windows ect.. so a camera that is sensitive to light helps, but in pitch black its still an issue. i ended up getting a lazer pen, which works depending on your photo distance. put camera in manual focus, have lazer on steady surface pointing at object u r photographing, manually focus with your lens wide open until the dot is as small as u can get it. then stop up your aperture to ensure that exact point will b in focus in case u were a little off. how far u stop up is up to u, even at like f/11 a long exposure will generate a lot of light. this is the only thing that i found to work as a torch or flashlight wont reach more than 20' or so with light. better lazer=better range. hope this helps, i can tell u it works with some practice.

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